About Us

J&C Insurance Brokers

J&C Insurance Brokers is the leading insurance broker in Laos. Among others, for health insurance plans J&C Insurance is the Number One broker for all three insurance providers, APA Insurance, Lanexang Assurance and Forte Toko Assurance!!

Founded in 2008, J&C Insurance Brokers specializes in providing insurance products and services to the corporate and expat community.

J&C Insurance Broker’s vast and varied portfolio enables us to negotiate the best deals and coverages for our clients – be it for large groups or individuals. Our power of negotiation is always used for the benefit of our clients.

Our strength and size help us negotiate special and unique products to be exclusively available to J&C clients – such as our motor insurance, with the best and highest coverage in Laos (administrated und unwritten by APA Insurance), or our own health insurance plan, J&C Elite Care (administrated und unwritten by Lanexang Assurance).

J&C Insurance Brokers will always stand on your side, providing you with the best products available at the lowest possible premium!

J&C Insurance Brokers is part of the J&C Group.
J&C Group is active in Insurance, Marketing, Investment, Joint Ventures, and Real Estate.
offering employment to over 100 local & international staff members.