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Code of Conduct

A Message from Our President

J&C Group has established the track record and expertise to be an honest and trustworthy partner in Laos. Our brands in the fields of Insurance, Marketing, Investments & Real Estate haven’t just sprung up overnight – they’ve taken over a decade to build!

A business doesn’t last that long by cutting corners on quality, integrity, safety, or leadership. To maintain the respect and trust of our clients and suppliers, and to make our business even more successful, it is vital that we conduct our business with high standards of ethics and integrity.

At J&C Group, we have a long-term perspective that values and protects the reputation of our company as an ethical and responsible business. We want our employees, contractors, customers, and communities to share in the benefits of upholding our reputation.

Ethical conduct is expected of everyone who serves J&C Group – our Board, managers, employees, and contractors. Each of us has an opportunity and an obligation to provide ethical leadership by example. And we can demonstrate that leadership by being ethical in all that we do, whether it is a major business transaction or simply how we treat our colleagues each day.

As conscientious citizens and employees, we want to do what is right. For J&C Group this is the only way to do business. That is why at J&C Group, we encourage every employee to read and understand our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.Our Code not only sets clear ethical standards in critical areas, it also explains how we should conduct ourselves when acting on behalf of the company.

Thank you for doing your part in ensuring that “J&C” continues to be a brand we can all be proud of.

Stephan R. Aeschbach, President

Why we have a Code of Conduct

Being a high-performing company is not only about performance, goals and achievement. It is also about how we behave towards each other and the world around us. We want to be a trusted partner – to our customers, shareholders and colleagues, and to our Business Partners and the communities where we operate. Our business depends on this trust and we are committed to conducting our business in a responsible, ethical and lawful manner.

The Code of Conduct is the foundation of our corporate culture and sets out high standards of integrity on how we do business. Everyone in J&C Group must follow these standards. We make decisions every day that can influence our reputation.

The Code Principles set out the core requirements for our conduct in J&C Group. The Code Sections include specific requirements and guidance for critical risk areas. The Code of Conduct helps us all make informed decisions and explains where to go for more information and guidance.

Who has to follow the Code

The Code of Conduct applies to all employees and everyone acting on behalf of J&C Group, including the Board of Directors. We expect our vendors, suppliers, contractors and other Business Partners to commit to and uphold the same high ethical standards that we follow ourselves.

Download the Code Of Conduct   

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