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FigTree Blue Insurance

The FigTree Blue Insurance is the latest addition to J&C Insurance Brokers’ wide selection of policies with worldwide coverage of health packages (excluding the USA and Canada).

There are 2 new plans namely Standard Lite ($30,000) and Super Lite ($50,000).

The client can choose Optional Benefits for:
• Outpatient $500 or $1,000
• Maternity $1,200 or $2,000

Individual Policy:
• Laotians and Expats must reside in Laos for 70% of the policy period.
• Primary Insured ages are from 18-64 years old and can be renewed until 70 years old.
• Dependent:
– Spouse: 18-64 years old and can be renewed until 70 years old.
– Child:
– 0-18 years old
– 19-24 years old if a full-time student.

Group Policy:
• Policy issued to a group of employees (with at least three 3 employees) working for the same company or organization.
• Group policies are offered with discounts depending on the group’s size (number of employees)
• Dependents (sponsored by company/organization) include legal spouse, children from 0 to 18 or 18-24 years old but still in continuous full-time education, and single.

FigTree Blue Insurance Brochure
IEMA evacuation brochure
– FigTree Premium Table
– FigTree Application Individual Form
– FigTree Application Family Form
– FigTree Application Group Form
– FigTree Hospital Network
FigTree Policy Wording

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FigTree Blue Insurance