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Group Health & Personal Accident

In general, accidents happen; but being prepared for the worst can help your company to focus on the necessary coverage rather than the bank account. Employees are the most important asset of any company and therefore to offer protection against several types of unfortunate event is investing in the future.

That is why a group health and Personal accident insurance provides comprehensive financial protection against hefty expenses incurred due to medical expenses for In and Out patient treatment, disablement or death resulting from accidental injury.

Group personal accident insurance comes in handy for employers who are constantly in a lookout for ways to safeguard their employees against certain risks that can cause death or permanent disablement. The product is available for both the employees and board or owner of a company. The broad spectrum of benefits offered by a group Personal Accident plans play a very important role in any salaried individual's life.

It is the complete solution that is perfect to protect the employees against any kind of accident that may incur extra expenses to the organization. For more information, please contact our professional team at 020 77 125 000 or by email at

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