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J&C Elite Care Health and Life Insurance

J&C Elite Care Health and Life Insurance

J&C Elite Care Health and Life Insurance

J&C Elite Care Health and Life Insurance

There’s something new in Laos. Something unique. Something exciting. It’s good for your health. It’s good for your peace of mind. It could save your life. And it’s brought to you by people who care about all these things: J&C Services – Your Insurance Experts.

J&C Services are building on our well established reputation of helping and caring for all people who live in Laos, nationals and ex-pats alike. From our launch in 2008 we have grown steadily, expanding our services to cater to a wider and more varied clientele. J&C is an independent insurance specialist. This is much to the advantage of our clients because it allows us to choose the best options from various providers to personalize the most effective coverage for all.  Last year we were awarded the Top Gold Agent by Toko Assurance for the 4th time.

No man is a mountain and it remains thus with J&C Services. This past June saw the impact of our successful launch, J&C Elite Care Health Insurance. Backed by the powers of Lanexang Assurance, the Post and Telecommunications Insurance Joint Stock Corporation (3rd of 29 non-life insurers in Vietnam), Lao Development Bank and Dongbu Insurance – Korea’s oldest and largest non-life insurer with branches throughout the world, J&C Elite Care is poised to lead a new evolution of the healthcare industry in Laos into the 21st Century and beyond.

What’s unique about J&C Elite Care?

Its beauty lies in its simplicity, its affordability, its ease of use and its regional reach, covering Laos, Thailand and Vietnam.

First and foremost is the fact that it is a direct pay healthcare insurance system. Under the Elite Care plan you’ll no longer pay a deductible and you’ll no longer pay your hospital bill and then wait to be reimbursed as you would from a traditional health insurance plan.

You get sick. You go to the hospital. You get healthy. And you leave. It’s that easy. The hospital will bill the insurance company directly. All you need to worry about is a traffic jam on the way home. See that? Sick > Hospital > Healthy > Leave > Easy. Pretty simple isn’t it?

J&C Elite Care has reach that extends to over 20 hospitals with which it already has agreements in place.

J&C Hospital and Clinic Network

They are:

Laos: Alliance International Medical Center   &    French Medical Center

Thailand: All 20 branches of the Bangkok Hospital spread throughout the country with the branch in Udon-Thani being the closest to Vientiane. The North-Eastern Wattana Hospital in Udon-Thani along with its sister, Wattana General Hospital in Nong Khai.

It’s important for our clients to know that they are not limited to the aforementioned hospitals. Any client is able to go to the hospital or clinic of their choosing. The only difference is the direct pay system we have in place with the hospitals listed. If you choose another hospital or clinic, the payment will be based on a refund from the insurance company. You pay first and then send the bill to the insurance company who will refund your payment within a maximum of 15 working days.

J&C Elite Care affordable. It’s designed for everyone.

J&C Elite Care is filling a void in the health care insurance system in Laos. Previously, health care was rudimentary and often only available through either group policies or a worldwide coverage plan which was affordable only for large companies or individuals who could easily pay the premiums that were out of reach to the masses.

There was nothing available for those who live between these extremes. Too many in Laos, with its growing ex-pat community and burgeoning middle class were left outside looking in. They desired more than the minimum but couldn’t afford the maximum.

J&C has solved this conundrum with its unique J&C Elite Care health insurance.

There are 4 individual plans with a per person / per year total insurance sum of US$ 100K, 75K, 50K and 25K, which cover ages from 1 to 72. Elite Care also covers hospitalization and out-patient care.

It’s affordable. It’s designed for everyone. For example, a 35 year old enrolled in the premium plan of US$ 100,000/year coverage would pay a premium of less than $44/month for hospitalization. That same person on the $25,000/year plan would pay a premium of just $23/month.

That same person on the out-patient plan would pay monthly premiums of $36 and $15.

That’s within anyone’s budget. Who can’t afford to be insured at these prices? Answer…no one!

J&C Elite Care also offers two optional Life plans: death due to illness and personal accident. Both of these will pay a lump sum (for example US$ 100’000 for plan 1) to the insured in case of death in accordance with their insurance coverage plan.

We all hope we never get sick, never get hurt, never need surgery, and we all know that is not reality. The J&C Elite Care health plan virtually eliminates the worries accompanied by illnesses and accidents. Everyone can afford insurance now and J&C are here to help you get covered and get healthy the affordable way.

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Never forget, we at J&C are here to health you!