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J&C Elite Care – Making a Claim

In case the Insured seeks for treatment and medical consultation at a legally licensed medical establishment which patient has not asked for guarantee hospital expenses or not included in the Direct Billing Network of the policy, the Insured will have to pay for all medical expenses first and then send the full claim documents to Lanexang Assurance Public Company (LAP) for a reimbursement of the eligible expenses.

Claim procedures

For all claims, the Insured or Beneficiary must send the following original documents in Lao or English to LAP within one (01) year from the happening date of the insured event or sixty (60) days from the date of hospital discharge, treatment finish or death.
In case the original documents are not 1 in 2 above languages, please add one more set of the translated document in English or Lao.

  1. Claim Form (download here)
  2. Report of accident with confirmation of the workplace manager or the local authority
    or the police at the place of accident (in case there is police involvement and/or the
    Insured sustains 31% disability and above and /or any third party involvement).
  3. Documents related to medical treatment and expenses: medical prescriptions, diagnosis
    note, hospital discharge certificate, treatment record, test results, surgical certificate (in
    case of surgical operation) and other related documents
  4. Payment documents such as invoice, bills or receipts should be compliance with the
    regulation of the Ministry of Finance.
  5. Death Certificate and the legal confirmation of the beneficiary or beneficiaries (in case
    Insured’s death)

Please deliver or send by postal mail your claim to:

LaneXang Assurance Public Company (LAP)
Asean road, Sibounheuang, Chanthabouly District, Vientiane Capital (click here for map)


How to fill out the Claim Form