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J&C Elite Care – Health & Personal Accident Insurance

J&C Elite Care offers a comprehensive expat health insurance plan that can be tailored to meet your needs and protect you and your family while living and working in Laos. There are various options to meet almost any budget. The J&C Elite Care health insurance plan is a great choice for expatriates and local nationals, covering Laos, Thailand and Vietnam.J&C Elite CareThis premier health insurance product targets at clients residing and working in Laos having demands for comprehensive healthcare services with international standard. With advantage of comprehensive benefits, territorial limit of choice, professional services and competitive premium, J&C Elite Care is the optimal choice for you and your beloved.

J&C Elite Care Benefit Summary

J&C Elite Care Premium Summary

It is the first health insurance product available for Lao citizens and Expats living in Laos with a cover up to US$ 100’000. Each J&C Elite Plan is offering Hospitalization plus the optional benefits Out-Patient and Personal Accident, it’s up to you to choose which optional benefits to include in the policy.

Individual Policy:
• Policy for individuals from 18 years old and above;
• Below 18-year-old children can enroll alone with the legal guardian being the policy holder

Group Policy:
• Policy issued to a group of employees (at least three (3) employees) working for the same company/organization;
• Group policies are 
offered various benefi­ts depending the group’s size (number of employees)
• Dependents (sponsored by company/organization) include legal spouse, children from 01 year to 18 or 24 year old but still in continuous full-time education and single.

Family Policy:
• Legal guardian(s) is/are the Policy Holder
• Minimum 3 person;
• At least 1 person over 15 years old
• 15% premium discount for 2nd child and 20% for third and any other child


Brochure (click here) & Summary (click here)

Policy Wording (click here)

Application Form (click here)


Direct Billing Agreement

J&C Elite Care has reach that extends to over 20 hospitals with which it already has agreements in place.

They are (download the list):

Laos:– Alliance International Medical Center
 – French Medical Centre
 – Nuzi Hospital (Chinese)
 – Hanoi-Vientiane Hospital
 – New life Hospital Vientiane
 – New life Hospital Pakse
 – Mekong Clinic
 – Savanhakhet-Hanoi Medical Center
 – Sekong poly clinic indivydual enterprise
 – International Medical Dianostic Center
 – Lao-Viet Hospital
Thailand:– All 20 branches of the Bangkok Hospital spread throughout the country with the branch in Udon-Thani being the closest to Vientiane

It’s important for our clients to know that they are not limited to the aforementioned hospitals. Any client is able to go to the hospital or clinic of their choosing. The only difference is the direct pay system we have in place with the hospitals listed. If you choose another hospital or clinic, the payment will be based on a refund from the insurance company. You pay first and then send the full claim documents to the insurance company who will refund your payment within a maximum of 15 working days.

Making a Claim & Emergency Contact

Making a Claim (click here)

Emergency Contact: In case of emergency, contact the SOS alarm center (24 hours) :

AddressTelephone No.Fax No
Lanexang Assurance Public Company Asean Road, Ban Sibounheaung, Chanthabouly District, Vientiane Capital, Lao P.D.R


Hotline Claim: 1819

+85620 264 789


About us

J&C Elite Care is issued by Lanexang Assurance (LAP), which is underwritten by its shareholder PTI (Post and Telecommunications Insurance Joint Stock Corporation), which is ranked 3rd among the 29 non-life insurers in Vietnam. LAP is equally owned by Lao Development Bank (LDB) and PTI, with Dongbu Insurance being a strategic partner (holds 37% of PTI). Dongbu is Korea’s oldest and largest non-life insurance company with branches in the USA and many other countries. The combined experience and financial strength of PTI and Dongbu provides a firm support to LAP and hence to J&C Insurance and the J&C Elite Plan.

J&C Insurance Brokers is offering customer-specific solutions  to our clients, while providing the most competitive premiums. Contact us at 020 77 125 000 or by email

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