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J&C Group Supporting The Community

J&C Group Supporting The Community

Many people’s lives have been completely upended by the Corona Virus, especially in Laos.

“When the pressure is on, and governments are overloaded, it is up to businesses large and small to do things that will support their employees, customers and the community at large, until this difficult time passes” says Stephan Aeschbach, President J&C Group.

“It’s great to see that so many businesses and individuals have stepped forward to support the Lao Government in the fight of COVID-19 pandemic and the severe consequences it caused on the local community” adds Stephan.

Over the years J&C Group has provided support to the community we are living in, with the latest donations made to the local village administration and Vientiane Rescue among others.

Yesterday, J&C Group provided the village administration of Saphanthong Tai with 25 rice bags in the value of LAK 10’000’000.

Ms. Buachan Hompunya, Chief of Village, gladly welcomed the donation, adding that currently over 30 families are severely struggling with the pandemic situation. Also the local temple will be among the recipients, as monks aren’t able to leave the temples due to the restrictions.

According to Ms. Buachan Hompunya, the village administration is still in need of basic necessities such as food and PPE’s. Any support, big or small, is highly welcome. Please contact Ms. Buachan at 020 5813 9955.

J&C Group Supporting The Community
Ms. Buachan Hompunya (second left)