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J&C Group

J&C Group

J&C Services was founded in the year 2008, over the years it has grown into J&C Group with several business departments, with over 100 employees today.

Our group firmly believes that there are two ways to develop or help any economy. One way is to provide education, and the other is to provide employment.

We chose both, investing into the education of our staff members as well as providing employment; with our growth – not only do our existing employees benefit but we are also able to provide more employment opportunities through our various suppliers.
The J&C Group is led by its founder, Mr. Stephan R. Aeschbach (right) and Mr. Lukasz Nitka who joined company in 2018.

Currently, the J&C Group has the following business departments: Marketing, Insurance, Real Estate, Investment, Services and Joint-ventures.

J&C Marketing

Our marketing agency works with companies and corporates to help them with their marketing needs. From marketing strategy to offline and online execution of strategy, we do it all. The marketing department understands the local markets and has international marketing experience, they are able to implement international forms of marketing to achieve a successful local outcome. Click Here to see our portfolio.

J&C Investment

Our Investment team manages all the projects that J&C Group supports. Futhermore, it supports individuals and companies looking to invest in Laos. The team understands the climate of the Lao economy and the local processes to be able to guide you to make benefical investments in the country.

We offer market research, business advise, asset and project management, operational and marketing support.

J&C Real Estate

J&C Real Estate is involved in niche and unique projects across Laos. Contact us for specific requests.

We also offer sales and property management services to apartment and project managers, helping you stand out in an increasingly competitive market.  Contact Us today to find out more.
 J&C Group also holds shares in various other enterprises within the Joint-Venture, Services & Real Estate sectors.

J&C Group’s major investments are FuelOx, Zebra Pacific, Mango Mania, CheQQme Laos, Villa Sinopia, Villa The Cube, Villa LuBeDu (mentioned are only majority or large shareholder investments).

As we grow, we build relationships with all our stakeholders. On this journey, we hope we are able to cater to you in one way or another.

The J&C Team

J&C Management

from left to right:
Lukasz Nitka, Partner J&C Group & Director J&C Marketing –
Kasia Kadziolka, Art Director J&C Marketing –
“Nounou” Arinya Phonseya, Office & Finance Manager J&C Group –
Fabrice Decico, Director J&C Insurance –
Stephan R. Aeschbach, President J&C Group –
This is one of our most important values. Honesty goes a long way in attaining the respect of our clients. We maintain one hundred percent honest and truthful business activities and answer all client queries truthfully.
Integrity is at the heart of our business relationships. We demonstrate integrity by trusting, respecting and empowering our employees and maintaining openness with our clients. We are each accountable for doing the right thing.
Passionate Customer Care:
Our customers come first. We believe that every interaction – internally and externally – is a customer interaction that demands professionalism and respect.Our actions can make a difference in the lives of our customers.We believe understanding our customers and listening to their unique needs ensures we deliver customer-focused services.
We pay attention to the minor details that can be the difference between a hit and a miss for our customers. By truly listening to customer needs and understanding their requirements we can make sure we hit the target every time and customers are more than satisfied with our results.
Innovation and improvement
J&C strives to innovate and improve not only our own services but the entire business environment. This benefits clients on both sides of the market and helps to modernize the country.
We understand that almost all our activities are interconnected through teamwork, and only through our collaborative efforts can we succeed.We share work practices and ideas whilst all staff are involved in early decision-making processes.
J&C Insurance Brokers is part of the J&C Group.
J&C Group is active in Insurance, Marketing, Investment, Joint Ventures, and Real Estate.
offering employment to over 100 local & international staff members.