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J&C Insurance Now Officially Operates As Insurance Brokers!

J&C Insurance Now Officially Operates As Insurance Brokers!

We are proud to announce that J&C Insurance has recently been provided with a Broker’s license, registered under J&C Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd.

While this change in the legal structure helps us be aligned to the new Lao Insurance Law, it doesn’t change the credibility and reliability that J&C Insurance has strived to achieve over the decade in the market. We continue to search for the best products that best suit our clients’ needs!

In the insurance market, the terms ‘brokers’ and ‘agents’ are often interchangeably used. However, that is merely due to the similarities that both need the appropriate licenses and act as intermediaries between insurance companies and insurance policy buyers.

So, what makes them different?

An insurance broker represents multiple insurance companies and has a wider portfolio of policies. This enables them to offer selective and personalized options for their customer. They are not appointed by any single insurance company and their loyalty lies with the customers.

On the other hand, an insurance agent, who are mostly captive agents, are connected to only one company and hence, sells products of that one company only.

These are the top differences between an Insurance Agent vs an Insurance Broker

To summarize, if you wish to have a quick idea about the wide array of products available in the market and need help in deciding based on your requirements, an insurance broker is your best choice.

J&C Insurance Brokers is the leading insurance broker in Laos. Among others, for Health Insurance Plans we are the Number One Brokers for 1) APA Insurance, 2) LaneXang Assurance and 3) Toko-Forte Insurance!!

J&C Insurance Broker’s vast and varied portfolio enables us to negotiate the best deals and coverages for our clients – be it for large groups or individuals. Our power of negotiation is always used for the benefit of our clients.

Our strength and size help us negotiate special and unique products to be exclusively available to J&C clients – such as our motor insurance, with the best and highest coverage in Laos (administrated und unwritten by APA Insurance), or our own health insurance plan, J&C Elite Care (administrated und unwritten by Lanexang Assurance).

J&C Insurance Brokers will always stand on your side, providing you with the best products available at the lowest possible premium!