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APA Insurance

APA Health & Personal Accident Insurance is a perfect solution for Individuals, Families and Companies & Organization wanting to provide their loved ones or local staff members with cover for health problems caused by illness or accident.

APA Health Insurance covers among others:
   •  Room and Board
   •  Hospital Services
   •  Intensive Care Unit (ICU) service
   •  Surgical/operational fees
   •  Doctor visits

   •  Emergency OPD treatment

APA Health Insurance also provides Out Patient treatment when you, your family or your staff needs to see a doctor for a minor illness with no need of hospitalization with a maximum of 30 visits per year.

For more information, please check our brochure.

The APA Personal Accident Insurance offers the following benefits:
• Lump-sum payment in case of death, total and permanent disability due to accident;
• Lump-sum payment in percentage of Permanent Partial Disablement due to accident;
• Medical expenses due to accident.
• Funeral expenses from death caused by accident.

Cashless payment

Every insured member receives an APA Medical Card, allowing them to use clinics and hospitals under the APA network. Members won’t have to pay any medical bills, everything up to the limits of the policy is invoiced directly to APA.

Currently, there are 37 clinic and hospital networks in Laos and 25 in Thailand and 2 in Cambodia. Click here to see the list of network hospital.

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