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Motorbike Insurance

Life is complicated enough. So we have made buying motorbike insurance simple and fair, with all the benefits you would expect and more. That is motorbike insurance the way it should be.

We offer the highest and best coverage for motorbikes in Laos! We are proud to say that no other Lao insurance company provides such exceptional coverage !

We also offer the most competitive premiums !


Own Damage Through Collision

Driver & Passenger Coverage

Third Party Coverage (among others, Bodily injury Kip 850 Mio per accident, medical expenses up to Kip 6 Mio per person and material damage up to Kip 60 Mio)


*PRESTIGE MOTORBIKE INSURANCE has been-tailor made by APA Insurance exclusively for the clients of J&C Insurance Brokers.

Motorbike Theft coverage applies for motorbikes not over 5 years old and the current value does not exceed 5,000USD (five thousand US Dollars) or LAK equivalent as per the APA Insurance exchange rate.

Coverage applies only if the motorbike is locked with a lock equipment for motorbike when parked. “Lock equipment” refers to an extra security equipment such as chains and padlocks, disc locks designed specifically to lock the motorbike other than normal steering lock that comes with the motorbike. From 7pm to 6am when the motorbike is at home or at the office of the insured, the motorbike must be in a locked room/garage/shed i.e. cannot be in open space.

Claim must be notified to the Police as soon as the insured is aware of the theft and also notify the insurer as soon as practicable within 36 hours after the theft incident, including with the Police report and any other evidence available such as CCTV records. Other terms and conditions applied as per motor insurance policy wordings of Phongsavanh Insurance (APA) Co. Ltd.

J&C Insurance Brokers is an award winning and leading independent insurance specialist in Laos offering customer-tailored solutions. We cover Health, Travel, Motor, Office, Home & Content, Public Liability, Life & Personal Accident and many more !
And all for the best premium !

Contact us at or 020 77 125 000

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Motorbike Insurance
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